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LPG chapters 34–36 (and brief hiatus)

Hey, guys. It’s been awhile. How ya been? Good? Good.

Sorry to come back just to say “I’m not quite back.” And maybe it doesn’t mean much that I’m announcing a hiatus when I basically haven’t posted for a month… But anyway, I will be traveling for the next few weeks, with limited / unreliable internet. So chances of an update during that time are slim to nil. That said, enjoy this update, and see you in a few~

This update: Li Xun’s story.
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LPG Chapters 32 & 33

So much snark, Zhu Yun. LOL.

This update: The awards’ afterparty + a bit about Li Xun and the mysterious woman in his life.

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Chapter 32Chapter 33

LPG Chapter 31

Ahem… I have a few chapters that I owe you all, and I’ll get to posting them eventually 😉

This update: Kind of emotional? We take a dip into the past, which includes Fang Zhijing, among others.

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Chapter 31

LPG Chapter 30

Next chapter’s a bit long, so it might be late (?).

This update: Heading to an award’s ceremony, and the appearance of a new character.

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Chapter 30

LPG Chapters 28 & 29

This update: The princess gown and the lighter. <3

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Chapter 28

Weekly count | 2 of 2 chapters
Chapter 29

LPG Chapter 27

This update: More New Year’s activities. College chats with a cousin and a “cousin.”

Weekly count | 2 of 2 chapters
Chapter 27

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