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28 Feb 2017 :

You might not even have noticed, but I still want to apologize for skipping out on about two weeks without any announcements. I was a bit sick and also preoccupied with some personal matters, but I’m feeling much better now, so I’ll be getting back to posting regularly from tomorrow ^-^

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the chicken ^-^

A reader commented on my last BTS that they were interested in the translation process, so that’s what this post will be about. I thought about starting with my background in Chinese and English, as well as how I joined the fan translation community, but that can be a story for another day. Today, I’m going to stick to writing about my translation flow when it comes to novels. (continue reading)

I held myself back and didn’t make it too long.

First off, apologies for the random, old post emails earlier. Ignore them, if you didn’t already. I was messing around… but I’m done, for now. Anyway. This post might be kind of boring, so I understand if you’ll pass on reading it XD But I’ve always been a bit interested in the behind the scenes of things, so I thought maybe someone out there might be interested as well. (continue reading)